ASUS ROG Claymore Mechanical Keyboard Review

This keyboard is damn expensive, but as you will see if you read the review, I am a big fan of it. Not only does it feature a great design, it has a detachable Numpad that can be used on either side of the keyboard and it matches my personal Motherboard and GPU :wink:

Were there any issues with rollover? I’ve had some keyboards where if i hit certain key combos, it didn’t register one of the buttons (Razer pops out as one that I couldn’t hit W and M at the same time, which was awful when trying to walk and open the map in WoW…)

My only dislike about the keyboard is the little bump for the logo. It makes it hard to use a wristpad. Since I am an old man, I love me some wristpad action.

teh_g I didn’t notice any issues with rollover in my testing but I am a bit of an FPS noob :confused:

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