Atomic Heart

This is my next game and it’s fucking awesome! Currently playing at max settings at 2060p>60 (usually >100, DLSS: Quality, Fidelity FX: off). They literally patched in RTX as a beta feature today, but they said it disables seeing your reflection so I didn’t bother trying it. There’s a lot of reflective surfaces. It also supports frame generation but I don’t have a 40 series card and I’m not dipping below 60fps anyway.

It’s basically a spiritual successor to Bioshock, so I need not explain the mechanics. It takes place in an alternate timeline where the USSR never fell and you are some sort of USSR special forces. In this alternate timeline it’s the 1950s. They have a mixture of outdated tech, tech that we currently have today, and future tech (floating cities, robotics, space travel, etc.). Vehicles are still fully gas powered though lol. I heard a robot say “I can’t wait until everything is fully electric.”.

Will post more later!

Heard the game is super disappointing. Which kinda is sad, since I really wanted to play it.

They must have patched out the disappoint.