Attention Please Admins !! :P :3

Is it possible to create an option in our profile where we can put our birthdate so that at least we can wish our friends on time? thats why are friends right? :stuck_out_tongue: :3

Or if thats not possible then at least make thread where everyone should comment there birthdate?

DANTE I actually didn’t even think that was hidden. I know it shows the ages of people, but it looks like the birthday isn’t displayed.

It looks like there isn’t a built in way to display the info on someones profile though. It is something I ran into with the profiles overall, they aren’t great when it comes to sharing things with people (for example, adding Steam names). I’ll poke around a bit and see what I can add.


teh_g dont have to show the age just the date will do…i know nobody wants to show their age :3

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