Awesome Games Done Quick 2018

Despite some of the things that have happened (mostly about unneeded drama), I still love GDQ. They are starting up again at 8:30 AM Eastern on Sunday!

What was the drama?

shiftysatchmo My life

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shiftysatchmo said in Awesome Games Done Quick 2018:

What was the drama?

There was some stuff about a person cursing on accident and being banned for two years. He was one of the best speed runners too. They also got Twitch to remove a chat emote of a streamer in a dress because it was offensive.

teh_g do you find this emote of you in a dress offensive? :dancer:

shiftysatchmo No, it shows off my skillz


And his legs too. :smiling_face_with_heart-eyes:


Cursing on accident … Good one, you should sell it on Ebay :money-mouth_face:

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I really want to see the extra levels in Jedi Knight, I hope that incentive is met…