Bandit Camp Lefkosia

Just a heads up someone called Bandit.Camp Lefkosia is going around hacking debit card information and hit me for 3 transactions of 5 dollars before my bank flagged it as fraudulent activity. From what I can tell is some CSGO/Rust Gaming stuff. They tried my paypal right after and it got flagged as well when they tried 0.00 Euros.

Pesky scammers.

Its annoying cause im not even sure how they got my debit card info, we had only used it at the dollar general the day before this happen and we had them check their machines for a skimmer as well.

Do you use online-banking? If so, I’d highly recommend to do clean OS reinstall on all your devices where you’re using online banking from. It could be that they are hacking your online banking by using cookies or caches stored on your PC/mobile. Change passwords too and use a password manager. All of that shit is annoying but it’s better that way than losing your money to some FIFA coins lol

MFA, boys. M…F…A…

Os has been cleaned installed yeasterday, all passwords where changed. Somehow they got my Debit card information and even my paypal email addy.

I use MFA always which is why this is puzzling.

Damn, I’ve been living in Germany for too long. MFA means something else here and I was like…“the hell is he talking about”.

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Museum of Fine Arts?

Medizinische Fachangestellte