I guess this is what I’m playing after Yakuza 0.


I half expected you to reject it :laughing:


If you say anything bad about the game, I’ll delete you from my life via newspapers


It was on my list as “Shadow of war (wait for mtx removal and rebalance)” anyway. Though it just jumped 20 slots. So @Katsuo my play through will be that of an actual game. Whereas yours was that of a casino. XD


that game is a master piece, i love to bash some orc skulls after a long day of work


99 :frowning:


99 what?


I played it after the update. :smirk:


that 99% glitch thing they seemed to never patch. When I did every mission and they kept it at 99%



If it makes you feel better, most of those % points are busy work. If I 100% a game, it’s coincidence.


Truthfully I had no intention to do it, then I knew I was close to the end of the game and out of nowhere I realized I was at like 85% complete. At that point I figured why not, loved the game enough to do it. Sauron denied meeeee