Battlefield 1 free on Prime Gaming - Battlefield 5 Free from Aug 2nd

Amazon Prime Gaming coming in hott with the free games!

Worth adding to the library on the off chance you don’t have it!


If I only didn’t have em on every platform twice :cry:

Haha figured this would be the case for most but ya never know lol. Can also give the keys away etc

I gave the key to one of my colleagues. What’s funny, we both work at amazon and he doesn’t have prime lol

I keep forgetting to play the games I have on EA.

Sure. That’s what the problem is…you keep forgetting to play games. Righttt.

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I was one of the few here who didn’t own it! so thanks for the heads up @LetsGetIt1220

@ShiftySatchmo I do that all the time. If it’s not on steam there will come a point where I totally forgot I owned it.

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I forget I own games on steam too. I’ll go to buy games sometimes and it says it’s already in my library haha


I forget them on Humble Bundle. I don’t activate a key right away after a purchase and completely forget about it.


You guys need to eat more beans