Bayonetta 3

Be sure to buy used physical. Nintendo/Platinum fucked over the voice actor.

Or don’t buy at all. Nintendo is just straight up POS company and Kamiya should just fuck off to eternity.

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Used physical = $0 for nintendo/platinum and I still get to play it.

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I get what you mean but personally, I’m not gonna play it anyway. I fucking hate when shitstain companies like Nintendo act all high and mighty and decide to screw people over by underpaying them. I know it from experience how it feels like when someone undervalues you and your work in every way possible. It’s a disgusting feeling. Nintendo just doesn’t deserve my time on Bayonetta 3 (or any other Nintendo game for that matter), be it pirated, bought physically used or whatever.

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Crap, I sound so toxic…

I’ll stick with my method. The punishment value is higher due to me playing the game and nintendo getting $0. All console manufacturers HATE the used market.

I agree and you are right. I mean, as the internet says, it’s morally okay to pirate Nintendo games :stuck_out_tongue:

@Katsuo sounds like he needs a hug :people_hugging:

That or Nintendo to get their crap together :DDdddDDd

The voice actor claims she was only offered $4000 total.

Now people are saying that Platinum offered $4000 per hour.

interesting. could this all be a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication?

I hope so. I’ll buy the game then gohohoho

They’ve got until the game gets to the top of my list to get the story straight.

It was more Platinum that screwed over the OG voice actor.


How to murder your own career^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

I love that she was lying in the end.

Don’t know anything about voice acting gigs but 15k still seems pretty darn low for a lead in a third (presumably successful?) game in a series. But pretty wild she would do that in such a misleading way (and that’s even assuming her new version is the truth). Did she really not think the actual numbers would come out? lol.

Yep, she speedruns her own career elimination

Got this one for free. Suck it Nintendo hohohohohogohohogogogo

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I’ve lost track, do I give nintendo money for this game or not?