Be jealous of my cool GX merch

@teh_g made this Yeti tall boy size custom for me. What a sweetie! Sorry, we don’t plan on selling merch :laughing:


Didn’t know we had merch. I’d buy a ballcap if there was one.

I can find a place that will make baseball hats if you want.


I want some merch too. I can trade Enos Tech stickers and shirts :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone is so needy! I’ll see if I can find a place. I bet they will be pricy since one off builds are always a pain.

I want one too!

Could be worth doing a poll to see who is interested in what. Shirt/hats etc and then tally it all up then get one person to order the stuffs and ship it out.

I’d be happy to help in that regard but obviously living in England, postage would be more expensive for some than others :confused:

Damn I want one that says Gorkie on it! Find out the prices and let us know!

Do y’all not have screen printer places around?

There’s like 3-4 of them within 20 miles of me. They take any graphic you want and put it on shirts, hats, etc, even will embroider stuff.

I just assumed that they were everywhere.

GX NFT when?

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I’d be down for some GX branded plates and bowls.

Not I, im in a very small town on Iowa and the nearest BIG Town is 50miles+ away.

Happy 5th anniversary as well guys :smiley:


I got that one too. Love you people, : ]


When I’m sober I’m going to buy a hat with our logo. Will share the link.


Drunk me was feeling pretty good last night.


One should stop drinking when it doesnt feel good :smiley:

He still didnt share the link though

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I didn’t do it yet lol

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