Beat Saber VR

Buy this VR fans

Yeah, known about it for a very long time, but I’m happy to wait for a sale

I just wish it had alllllll the songs like audio shield

Never heard of audio shield but yeah, Beat Saber needs more songs. 10 ain’t much

It’s kind of similar and is connected to YouTube or any music files you tell it to look at on your PC.

I went back to this for the first time in over a year. Oh boy am I rusty, I couldn’t finish anything on expert +. There was so many music packs I missed in that time, like a BTS, and a Linkin Park music pack. I will say though, this is still my favourite VR game.

I thought you were David??


Waited two months for this zinger


The name on my birth certificate says David but I go by rusty.