Been away a tad busy!

Again I have been away for a long while, lots has changed in the time since I have last logged into this great community. First I have dropped the GTribe habit for good, reasons of my own but I needed to focus on only the social medias where I could build my brand(s) unhindered. Speaking of brands I with two friends from Finland have started an eSports Team. . . TEAM CIRCUS eSports here is our in progress site ----> :smiley: very excited over all of this, there is Twitter as well The_Team_Circus

On other news I pushed my MSI GTX 970 Armor x2 OC 4GB into a grave filling my room with magic smoke from a failed power phase xD was a wonderful day! It ended with me popping a 3 month old gently used EVGA GTX 980 ACX 2.0 SC 4GB in my box!

Since this is a bipolar post lets continue the roller coaster xD my family and I were t-boned and our car was a total loss and we got bent over by insurance only getting enough to get a car in a tenth of the condition of the nice one we had. And on a good note here the wife’s massage business is taking off so fast we are having a hard time keeping up with the growth! Been 8 years in the making but its finally happening :slight_smile:

Been an adventurous time for sure :stuck_out_tongue: How have all of you great people been doing!?!

fpsmadmedic That is awesome man! Congrats on starting the new team. Good luck fragging out there :smiley:

As long as it isn’t super annoying, I’m down with you posting stuff here too.

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teh_g unless we hit a win or anything like that the eSports stuff will be minimal here lol, I will be more geared sharing the teams giveaways and the hardware reviews I do for EnosTech. . . Other than that I am just here to socialize with the peoples here :smiley:

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Just a tad busy :smiley: Nothing new, at least I can’t think of :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to hear that there’s a positive side to your T-Bone steak, I mean car, a happy hour massage :smiley: Just kidding, glad to hear everything is working out for you guys :slight_smile:


FPSmadMEDIC Why hello there handsome! Glad to see you around these parts man. You’ve just given me an idea… Will chat soon :wink:

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letsgetit1220 lol glad I could help and cant wait to hear what I helped spawn :smiley: