BenQ GL2760H


So I am finally gonna put the order in for a real gaming monitor as planned, I have been using a 32" Flatscreen TV but its bothering my eyes and we need the TV for acuall TV in the living room. So im thinking about getting the BenQ GL2760H 27 inch 1080p LED Gaming Monitor. What are your thoughts on this? I will be ordering it on the 28th. and im getting it for about $141 if its still on sale or $150 if not on sale.


Seems ok. Most of the marketing material is meaningless, but seems ok.


27" monitors are a bit fuzzy at 1080p, so keep that in mind. You may be able to get a smaller one and get higher refresh rate maybe?

I do enjoy my BenQ. It is nice.


Oh yeah, at 27" you should be going into 1440p territory.


Well I can upscale it then right? RX 470 8gb should be alright with VRS I think.


I would consider going smaller 1080p with higher refresh and free sync. I’m not certain a 470 could handle 1440p in most games. Running the games at 1080 on a 1440 monitor will look worse than 1080 on a 1080 monitor.


If I can find one for about $130 I will, thats my budget on it atm. Cheapest I found with freesync only had about 75hz refresh.


That would at least mask framerate changes between 40fps and 75fps…can’t really call it high refresh though.



While this one is not freesync the price looks good.


The third one doesn’t advertise response time. One of the first two should do nicely.


Thats probally because its 16ms I went to the Spectre website to find out.


Yeah, generally if they give you every spec under the sun except response time, then you know it’s shit.


So I guess im going over my budget I originally made but I found this and did research on it as long as its still in stock on the 28th. Its 3ms on the response time.


Nice, so long as you stay between 40fps and 144fps you won’t see framerate based stutter…provided free sync works as good as gsync. You’ll be able to keep vsync off unless the game you’re playing can easily stay above 144fps. In that case you’ll need vsync to prevent tearing.


alright :slight_smile:


I have 2 of those at my work station. They’re okay but too big for the resolution, tbh.


Which one?




Oh yeah, 1080p on 32" is a bad idea.


It’s not bad but it’s not good either. Definitely wouldn’t buy it for gaming