BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk

Looks awesome! Definately on my list!

Looks like every standard Dynasty Warriors out there. Which is a great thing XD

I just finished this on PS Vita/PS5.

Berserk is one of my favorite manga/anime series which was never finished because Kentaro died last year (however, the manga did continue this year in June (thanks to his apprentice) but the game released in 2017). This also resulted the game never being finished story-wise since the series/manga was on a million year hiatus for whatever reason. This is important to know because whoever wants to play this game has to know that the game ends with an unfinished story which can only be finished by reading the manga.

With that in mind, the game itself is fantastic old school dynasty warriors game, made by the creators of the DW franchise, Omega Force. Pretty much everything you saw in a DW, it’s in Berserk.
It’s a shame the story was never finished because Berserk is the reason why we have dark fantasy stories and games like Dark/Demon’s Souls.

I have nothing else to say but thank you Kentaro Miura for the masterpiece and thank you Koei for bringing the Berserk games to life.