Best full tower cases


Looking for a full case tower in the near future because I am sick of small cases and my big fat hands. Anybody owns one, suggestions, past experiences?


Raidmax Monster II my current case TONS of room holds 5 fans, but make sure if you use a 240mm AIO or larger the pump tubes are long enough cause if not they wont reach the front of the case.

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No AIO, just a bunch of HDDs and SSDs, a big 1070 vga, a big cpu cooler and some extra led lighting in the case. I am so sick of the lack of space, if i drop another screw in the case I will smash the hole thing out of the window. Yes I just finished cleaning it took me half a day to rebuild. Budget is around 75-125 euros.


Back in the times I had a cooler master HAF full tower and it was awesome. Not sure if they still make it.

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I have a nzxt h700i and its gigantic for a mid tower. Check that out if you want.


I’m boring and like everything as plain looking as possible so Fractal all the way. Plenty spacious, though I don’t think they make true full towers.

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Well plunty of room for a Air Cooler this baby can hold a Dark Rock Pro 4

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Well my cheap budget keyboard just died so I need reallocate money for a new one, using an even older spare part, thank god my z170 motherboard still have a ps2 connection :smiley: Thinking it is time to invest some more in keyboards, already picked an asus cerberus mech, delivered in 2-3 days. Not the most expesive or premium but not the cheapest membrane crap I always use.

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full tower pfft. Super Tower is where it’s at!!


I might just buy one just to live in there


Comes with two skylights, 3 5mm glass panels and a solid steel panel. Can’t go wrong with the living space and a luxury no one else can mustard.


Nice tower, This Raidmax Monster II is my first full tower and im loving it… especally with my 240mm AIO I got for it :smiley: