Once again, a shameless post to my video.

But of course, I don’t want to just post a review and get out, so here is my opinion on Betrayer for the GX members.

This game is done by the F.E.A.R. developers, folks that I hold in high regard and they do deliver in that. I believe the most important aspect in F.E.A.R. games was the atmosphere and that great attention to it also shows in Betrayer. The first thing you notice is that the game is set to run similar to a noir film, black and white, although you can set it to have vivid colors, like any other game, but it’s so well implemented, I personally did my entire playthrough with just that. The downside to this is that it tires the eyes after a long gaming session.

The story is deep, but the game fails to suck you into it, especially when you realize that the entire game is just fetching quests in order to progress in the story. Basically, you set out to find what has happened to the English colonies in the New World of 1600s in the Virginia coast.

The combat is system is simple and gets the job done, with your weapons of choices being bows, pistols and muskets. A great plus is that they nailed the reload system and also that bullets and arrows can get deflected by the armor your enemies are wearing. Also, the combat gets progressively harder and harder, something I found a nice touch of.

I spoke of the atmosphere before; Betrayer tries a two world premises, the real world and the Other World. I believe they tried to make a Silent Hill feel of it, but instead of a grotesque world it’s a world of darkness.

The thing that makes the game stand out is the soundtrack; it’s suburb. A great attention to detail, such as the background music, the wind going through the leaves, the terrifying sound of being located by the enemy… It’s so well tied to the atmosphere, that you can applaud their dedication to it. Also, in order to progress the story, you need to “listen” to the game, so you can find the next clue.

The big cons however, have to be the weak story building, the endless search for graves and clues that have you go back and forth and the lack of character development as a whole.

Overall, I would give the game a 6/10. For the price it’s available for it’s a fun game to play, but nothing too extraordinary. Thanks for reading folks! Have a look at the video too!

Alex I have played and finished Betrayer, and I agree with you 100% on all your points. Every point you made, I thought exactly the same. Well done.

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Polekatt Thanks mate! Glad you also thought that way, was kinda irritated by the fact it has such great Steam Reviews, I wondered whether I was the only one that I could see those flaws.