So this is my next game. Fuck the reviewers, they don’t have time to enjoy games. They play more games in a week than I do in a year. Of course they hate their lives.
This is an excellent 3rd person real time rpg…and it’s so purdy. Playing maxed out at 2160p>60 (usually greater than 80).
I call it AA+. AAA fidelity, no coorpo bullshit. The + is because it seems better quality than most AA games. Good fun so far, will post more later!


The only reviews I trust are from ACG and gameranx. They gave the game a nice review but they also did mention some stuff in the game that are not so good and where they could improve in the sequel. I’ll get Biomutant one day but not for full price.

This game is pretty damn good! Currently running maxed out at 2160p>60 (usually >80).


I figured reviewers were dumb after a bunch gave Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima bad reviews

Well…and before that too

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Maybe the game is not that good but Gordon doesn’t know that because he played nothing but trash games last few months. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I thought you were interested in Trails of Cold Steel and Monster Hunter Stories?

I am. I am also talking nonsense because it’s so boring at work.

If you are bored watch some DS3 Speedrun videos and learn how to finish it faster

I’m still pumped to play this after I finish all the other games in my queue.

Ah so never


He’s cleaning up his backlog way faster than you do

He has ten times the games so it doesn’t matter

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Just beat this game! Pretty damn good. Has a few rough edges, but well worth your time. Recommended!

Hmm so if I buy this game physical, will my disc have rough edges? :thinking:

Technically every disc does because they all need patches and many publishers purposely leave most of the game off the disc.