Black Mirror


Black Mirror Season 3 just started and I watched 3 episodes from it. Still totally love it.
I just wanted to ask who follows this amazing mind fcuking series. And if you missed it, you should totally start watching. 5-6 episodes/season but every minute is golden. Standalone episodes, always with different characters, different world, situation, different possible and horrible futures.

Yeah this is on my list of things to watch. Is it similar to the Twilight Zone and that kind of format?

This does sound like Twilight Zone. I will have to check it out. I can watch while I conquer the world in Civ.

Great show. I totally enjoy it. :smiley:

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Season 4 is comiiiiiing!

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buttstallion yesss

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Official season 4 trailer is here. I am going to skip this one and all the other trailers because I am afraid of any spoilers :smiley:
Black Mirror returns to Netflix December 29th. Mark your calendars, nice way to end this year with some wtf moments.