Bloodborne Boardgame Kickstarter


Looks good to me because… Bloodborne.

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“1 to 4 hunters”. Thsnk goodness it’s single player. I have no friends.


The Kickstarter has so much money it’s insane. I like that there is a campaign but then the one shot game is chalice dungeon style. Seems cool. I backed it yesterday mmmm

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So you backed it twice? One for you one for me. Nice, thank you!

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But seriously, they already hit $1.5 million and the initial goal was $200k


Yeah it’s surprising really. It’s almost like bloodborne is one of the best game ever made.

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Where is my sequelllllll


In sekiro

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Sekiro: Bloodborne Dies Twice?

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Is that even possible? Bloodborne dying twice?


well… Bloodborne Part 2 could also be known as “Bloodborne Twice”. And it died because of Sekiro. weeeeeeeee


In Bloodborne, dreaming is dying


So Bloodborne had a dream it would have a sequel heheheeee

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I didn’t know I can be THAT confused. Holy cookie!




So only Andrew got it? C’mon people, y u poor?

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The exact same reason your poor. I bought a new car.


But…I’m not :pensive:
I bought both.


oh never mind then. I guess I’m the only poor one.