Bluetooth headphone

I am about to surprise myself for my bd with some ear-on bluetooth headphone. Mainly to use with my android phone and Spofity. I am sick of the basic earbuds, i want some quality. Who has one, any experiences, suggestions etc. Thinking about under 100 euros.

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What are ear-on headphones?

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I think he means over the ear

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Or he means the opposite

Ah, that’s easy.

Buds = bitch tier
Over ear = quality.

There is in-ear, on-ear and over-ear. Sorry :smiley:
Yes I meant over-ear, I had to search the right word :smiley: Anything but bitch tier buds

How important is noise cancellation to you?

I don’t know how these compare to other options but I was using logitech g933 until my brother sat on it and broke it. I replaced it with a steelseries arctis 7 that I’m still currently using.

Try these Sony WH-CH700N.

I think I am going with this. It is around 80 euros here, Sennheiser is usually good and read greeat things about it.

It is here and fantastic, everything I hoped for. Comfortable, foldable, awesome sound quality even without my phone supporting aptx, there is a free Sennheiser music player for Android, you can use it with a jack if the battery is dead, built in microphone…this is quality guys. Strongly recommending it. My old ASUS orion gaming headset was way more expensive and is inferior to this, of course it is almost 10 years old. I need to get used to the wireless life, feels wierd without a cord holding back.