Bright Memory: Infinite

I just finished this game. This is a gem made by 1 dude.

Imagine Crysis 4, on steroids, with top-notch visuals, female protagonist, story that doesn’t make any sense and super flashy gunplay with hack and slash mechanics…that’s this game.
This is one of those games where story is not important at all (basically its non-existent). It’s all about the gameplay, boss fights and visuals. That’s where this game shines.

It took me about 1.5h to finish it, so it’s super short but super worth it if you like Crysis/Shadow Warrior/DOOM gameplay.

I’d say buy this if you want to play something short and are too bored to watch a movie. It’s usually on sale for 5 bucks or so.

Sounds fun!

It is! It made me wanna play Shadow Warrior. I still have to play the second and the third one.