Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition?!

i played this game when i was a kid back in 2011. To me this game was one of the most underrated game of all time…after years i wanted to play this game again but couldnt find anywhere even not the crack version no where to be found…but finally last year they announced that they gonna remaster this game and release it again in STEAM. that was the first time i said myself “finally i have found a game which i am gonna pre order” and i am glad that finally i pre ordered it :slight_smile:

Now whats so good about this game? why i am saying so many good stuff about this game? did devs paid me? “nope they didnt” xD

well tbh story is average actually…dont know about the graphics either because still 8 hours to go for release but they used unreal engine 4 xD
The best feature about this game is its gameplay…its a pure popcorn shooter game with varieties of ways to kill and stuff. great stages with great surroundings with great environmental kills and much more i can guarantee you that you will never get bored for a single second for those reasons…as you guys are really close gamer buddies of mine so i am gonna say please if you love a pop corn shooter game buy it…you aint gonna regret it…though at least u guys should wait for release…if u want to buy it

It was an okay game. I did get bored after 10 minutes of kicking enemies in the air. Finished it, enjoyed it sometimes, but not planning to buy it.