Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

Somehow no one has made a topic for this game or they only mentioned it in their ignored “gamer challenge” thread. Do we really need to carry on GT bullshit?

Anyway, my next game. Perfect comedown from a proper RPG.

Mindless awesome. That’s all you need know. Runs mostly at >130fps at max settings at 4k (dsr 1440p).


I mean, the gamer challenge is really just a list of “games I beat this year”. I like having a list of games I beat. It’s more for meeee. I can try to be less lazy and have my gamer challenge thing just be a list and put my impressions in a separate game specific thread since that would be easier for people looking for discussion on a specific game. I think the original purpose of the challenge died. It was something with points or something.

Log into steam. All those games…you beat.

The original point was a non-regulated excuse for making more posts on gt in hopes you win shit.

If it can’t be searched, why write it. Even when you want to remember, it’s not in the results.

Yeah, I suppose you are right. Old habits I guess!

Alex (I think that’s his name) used it as a way to hype his page… DragonCraft Productions or something. But yea, he stopped doing all that points stuff a while ago.

What ever happened to that guy?

Probly nothing given “DragonCraft Productions” means nothing.

I don’t know - he came back after a year of being gone. Something about losing a job but getting a new job. Then he tallied all the scores he missed, followed by a much more significant hiatus as I believe it’s been 2 years. I’m still waiting for that Rocket League Tournament he was putting together lol…

Anyways, without blowing up this thread with off topic stuff, this game was fun when I tried it a while ago, but at that time it was console exclusive and the low fps made it not as good as it could have been, SO, I’m sure on PC it is a great time. This was Cliffy B’s first project post Gears of War.

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I’ll keep doing gamer challenges just to annoy Gordon hehe


If there’s any not ignored, it’s because they’ve talked about games relevant to me at the time of reading.

I have this game in my backlog. I won it from something way back when. Origin giveaway I think.

Funny but I won this game on GT from AMD :smiley: I had my doubts about this game, but it is still fun.

Seems I was cranky last night.



This game is delicious ; ]

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Just beat it. Recommended! Though I can’t be bothered with the challenge modes as there’s only so much mindlessness I can take before I need to go back to playing something in which I need to think.