Bundle Stars giveaway


I picked Shadow of War :stuck_out_tongue:

Referral link:


Normal link:


Thanks, hoping to win Dirt4

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Tough choices of games I’ll never win here! Haha. Sonic Mania, Micro Machines, and DiRT 4 all on my wishlist. Tekken 7 on my radar as one of those games I wouldn’t mind winning but would never buy.

But had to go with the blue hedgehog despite planning on buying it on release. Gotta go fast!

We’re overdue for somebody from Gaming Exodus winning something, good luck all. :wink:

I chose shadow of war tooooon your referral link. Planning to get Sonic on Switch since it seems like a good game to have on the go.

Clicked but I chose Morrowind EXpansion cause I do not have it yet :smiley: