Bungie part ways with Activision.

Good call Bungie, good call. :+1: Maybe Destiny can now become a good game.


Good to hear. Not touching Destiny until destiny 3 though. Well maybe, depending on the gameplay.

Destiny feels like a “I wish we owned Halo” kind of game. I’d like to see Bungie do something different.

Blizz should bail too. No good pr ever had anything to do with activision,

Blizzard is falling apart maybe they will take this path too, i hope so

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wonder what this means for thoughs who own d2 on battlenet

I don’t think d2 will be effected, which is why if I ever do play a destiny game, it’ll be 3.

Game is staying on Battlenet. It’s up to Activision/Blizzard to decide for how long will they keep servers up and running. The best thing is that Bungie keeps the Destiny IP.