Butt Stallion - February Gamer Challenge

Finished Battlefield 1 singleplayer campaign on hard. An easy 5 hour tour around the world. Fast paced, interesting, great missions, in the air, in a tank, as a runner and so on. Overall enjoyable single, better than any CoD nowadays. This was a dirty copy so I know nothing about the multi. Beautiful graphics. 7/10 without the multiplayer.

Finished Steamworld Heist on normal. It was a game in the Humble Montly. I am glad I met this game, totally loved every minute. Already spent more than 10 hours with it. Turn based 2D strategy with steam robots and space ships and nasty enemies. Maxed out the normal mode but I will definiately play it on hard mode because it is that great. 8/10
I can recommend it to anyone who wants a little fun during boring AAA games next to an afternoon coffee.


Finished SUPERHOT. Two and a half hour. But how epic was that. I am brainwashed. Start doing the challenges now.

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Finished the Titanfall 2 campaign on hard. Epic stuff. Loved it. From the beginning till the end, adrenaline, creative map design, action, wall sprint, BT, carnage, titanfall. I found 2 maps’ design very similar to Dishonored 2. (I mean the timetravel map and the place where the walls are always changing and moving. ) The graphic is amazing on max. And still running very well. This is how make a single campaign regardless it is made to play the multi. Now after I am hero/badass pilot, let’s play the shit out of the multiplayer. Tried it once during the beta, can’t wait to go back.
10/8,5 :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes Katsuo, I have it and I feel ashamed. :smiley:



ButtStallion it was great

ButtStallion Don’t be ashamed! I’m actually really glad you bought it! As soon as I get the game, we’ll play some multiplayer, got it!?

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Katsuo I planned it :stuck_out_tongue: no worry.

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ButtStallion Don’t go too far in leveling stuff!

Katsuo I can’t promise everything. I can wait till I finish WItcher 3. But I just witnessed the best drunk scene in videogame history :smiley:

ButtStallion You lost 3 times in a row in overwatch competitive as me?

Katsuo I managed to lost almost 2 tier in ranking during a night. 3 lose in a row…everyday blizzard MM :smiley:
I meant the Witcher 3 drunk scene in Kaer Morhen. I can feel the end is near.

ButtStallion You have about 10-20 hours left xD

Katsuo And the 2 DLCs. But I have to finish W3 in order to challenge you in this month. Next month maybe I start those. :smiley:

ButtStallion I haven’t finished 1 game this month XD

ButtStallion Not counting the indie games. That’s ridiculous to even count as finished games.

Really? Now I have to cpunt and plan this month, maybe I can win without the Witcher 3 and I can move it to March xD

ButtStallion I told you I’m letting you win this month as I have Tales of Zestiria and Skyrim achievements to finish. That crap is time consuming and annoying so no games to be finished this month and maybe next month as well.

Katsuo Skyrim…Doesnt even worth the time, avarage game :stuck_out_tongue: Boring :smiley: And open world :smiley:

ButtStallion Couldn’t agree more XD

Finished The witcher 3 on normal. In 52 hours :smiley: I was in a rush, right? :smiley:
Simply one of the best game I ever played. I never doubted that, I just need the right time and preparations for this kind of game. I wanted to spend time with it, not between 2 or 3 other game, so I had to clear the list before this. But worth it. I can’t even say anything else. Or just one thing: Roach, if I see you again, in the DLCs I am going to burn you to the ground. I would gladly ride a drowner instead of you, you sick bastard. Everything else is perfect. The graphics, the story, the storytelling, the editing, the voiceacting, the motion capture, the side quests, the lore and sooooo on, so on.
9.9/10 because Deus Ex 1 is still my number one game :stuck_out_tongue: But this can be the second best game I ever played. Period.