Butt Stallion - July Gamer Challenge

Finished Alan Wake’s American Nightmare…But it is my nightmare as well. Repetitive, boring, arcade shooting after a great base game. 5/10. Aweful. I want to forget it.

I just wanted Alan Wake 2 :crying_cat_face:

ButtStallion That’s the reason why American Nightmare is no Alan Wake for me … compared to the main game it is really bad. Still hope to see some day Alan Wake 2 with a real story.

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Minimap showing the hidden pages? Really?
Locked boxes open if you collect enough pages. Really?
SMG? assault rifles? Where is my rpg? Really?
A LOT of walking just to extend the gameplay. Really?
Infinite ammo and supplies? Really?

But the graphics were prettier. Did not save the game.

Finished Diablo 3 for the first time :smiley: Yepp, a bit late, but managed it. Very easy with the first character, didnt even die until I was able to put the difficulty up to torment 1. Killed Diablo with my lvl 66 demon hunter. Not even died. Torment 1 is still too easy. Starting the Reaper of Souls tomorrow. After I finish the stories my friends and I are planning to do everything else rifts, adventures etc as I heard :smiley: No verdict until that. Because mainly this is a coop game I think.


buttstallion I thought about getting the game but I kinda want it on PS4. If I get it on PC, I’ll send you a invite to coop if you wanttttt

katsuo Instead of spending on the Steam Summer Sale, I picked up the Diablo 3 Battle Chest for 20 euros. No-brainer. We all bought it and planned to play it together. We have a free slot to do a 4 player run :smiley:

buttstallion Sami has the game and he finished it not so long ago. You might want to play with him since he’s leveled and geared up.

Finished Reaper of Souls as well. Torment was more fun here, but the elits are still more powerful than the bosses. Killed Malthael on my first try. Now raiding in adventure mode while there is a double xp weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

buttstallion I agree with everything you said. I am a huge Alan Wake fan, almost as much as I’m an Alen Karamehic fan. American Nightmare was so repetitive, the back tracking or replaying of levels over and over was nauseating. Really, the only redeeming factor was his flannel shirt. I like it.