Butt Stallion - May Gamer Challenge

I don’t know if it counts but some of you were interested in this game so here is some thoughts:

The Uncertain - Episode 1: The last quiet day

An adventure game set in the future where only robots live on Earth. You are a robot who just likes to collect scrap and build things for other robots or just yourself. Of course something happens and the story starts. The gameplay is very similar to the Telltale games, you can find and click to items, interact with them, combine them to solve a puzzle etc etc. The graphics are okay especially with Unity engine. The controlls are definiately optimized to play with controllers, bit problematic with a keyboard. Story so far is good but really slow. Don’t expect epic cutscenes, voice acting or music, totally avarage, but still above avarage from an indie developer. There is a demo available on the Steam store. I hope there will be an episode 2 and the devs don’t give up.

Finished Dawn of War 3 campaign on hard. 20 hours, 17 missions, some restarts. I liked the challenge and the campaign was good enough, not boring, always had to do something different. Building bases or just with heroes or with limited squads. I liked that finally we can play with more (3) races in the single. The orks are fun as hell, i enjoyed playing with them the most. But even after these, I cant say this is my favourite War40k game…or rts game. Just avarage. Trying to play some multi after a little break. Without mp: 7/10

(It looks like the achievements are broken at least the final one. So you have to believe me :smiley: Nobody got it in the world)

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