ButtStallion - 2018 Gamer Challenge


Bayonetta is the only choice.


I can’t see your vote, I can’t accept it :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to pick like four other things.


Stupid rules made by me… :smiley:


Thank you @ShiftySatchmo, you just won the voting :smiley: :heart: I am closing the votes, the list will include some voted games but it is only a recommendation, because suddenly I have some new games I want to play more :smiley:


Hellblade is so goooooood.


Good to hear because Hellblade pushed Bayonetta out of my top5 list :smiley:


Play and beat Brothers or die


I am 110% sure I will finish Brothers, Dying Light, XCOM2 new dlc and Hellblade this year. Others are optional :smiley:


Bayonetta > brothers


downvote times infinity