ButtStallion - 2018 Gamer Challenge

Dishonored Death of the Outsider (Hard) - 2018.01.05. - 8/10

Oh yes, I am the first to start the challenge in 2018. Finished Dishonored: Death of the Outsider on hard. Thank you LetsGetIt1220 :heavy_heart_exclamation: <3 Did a very bloody and messy first run, did every contracts and scouted the maps. Now starting a new game + mode on very hard difficulty and with stealth and mercy 100%. I love Dishonored soooo much, just my type of game. Multiple routes, a lot of missions, stealth, magic. I won’t call this game a DLC because feels and looks like a proper old timer expansion pack. Five huge areas with a lot of contracts to do, ways to do it, exploring to do. (Yes, one area is the same as in Dishonored 2, but reworked and time passed so a lot of things changed, it was good to see the difference.) New powers, weapons, music, interesting story. I recommend to everybody who tried and liked Dishonored. My score is a solid 8/10, only because it is expansion and I wanted more :smiley:

Dishonored Death of the Outsider (Very hard) - 2018.01.08. - 8/10

Finished the original game+ option on very hard difficulty. Mercy and shadow all the way. No one died, no one saw me :smiley: It was great that the new game + option gives you the powers from Dishonored 2, it made my second run interesting because I had different powers than the first time. And omg soooo many routes you can take, exlored a lot of ways, they are great and fun with the original and the new powers as well.

F1 2017 (Hard) - 2018.01.16. - 9/10

Finished the first season in F1 2017. Did a quick season with 25% long races against master AI (90%). Started with the Renault team, it was a bumpy start. The car had horrible engine power and the chassis side had some problems as well. Managed to upgrade both side a bit and it felt better during the end of the season. It felt so much better that managed to get a 3rd position in Abu Dhabi. A long work ahead but plan to start the next season soon, with 50% long races and win the driver’s and constructor’s championship in the next 4-5 years :smiley: If anyone wants a more detailed review, i can do that but only if somebody else than schlitty is interested in racing games :smiley: Short version: F1 2017 is the best F1 game so far, 9/10.

Homefront (Hard) - 2018.01.17. - 4/10

A short (3 hours long) CoD kind of war shooter champaign, but I liked it better than the last 3-4-5 CoD. The weapons are aweful, nearly all the same with no recoil, but very accurate. So as the enemy on hard…they are snipers. But I liked that the enemy did not respawn all the time before I cross an invisible line during the mission and the teammates did their job and they can never die :smiley: The story is okay…I mean, the Koreans in the US? A bit too science fiction, but it is all right, the atmosphere was great, even the visuals sometimes from a game this old (from a distance) . Encountered some minor bugs, but nothing game crashing. A below avarage 4 out of 10. It was free so no complains.

The Room - 2018.01.18. - 6/10

A little, short puzzle game, but I really liked it. It is a great adventure next to my morning and afternoon coffee. Maybe I was slow or something because this beauty was just as long as Homefront yesterday, shame on you Homefront. The visuals and graphics is awesome, very photorealistic. I am a fan of escape rooms and this is very similar to it. The first real map was the hardest interestingly but managed to do it…even it took a while :smiley: Solid puzzle game, The Room Two already installed. I want more.

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition (Hard) - 2018.01.30. - 7/10

What a challenge. Finished the game a long time ago, before Emperor Edition and only on normal with Iceni, but wanted to win the grand campaign on hard as well. First I started with Rome but too many enemies around the Empire was overpowered. So started a new hard game with Egypt and won it with military victory. All the world is at my feet. Cultural victory was also close, but maybe I will continue in the future. A decent game, empire edition is way better than the released buggy version. Still my favourite Total War game is Medieval 2 and Empire Total War.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - 2018.02.01. - 5/10

A wrongly full priced Borderlands 2 expansion. More Handsome Jack, more loot, low gravity, full of easter eggs for BL fans such as me. But nothing more. The story is slower, the missions are more boring and repetitive, the game intentionally make you cross the entire map multiple times, very few fast travel points and vehicle spawn points, less DLC…A bit less from everything. So this makes my heart ache but I can’t give this more than 5 points. I want a Borderlands 3. Blindly preorder it and play it with friends. I want more Her Majestic Butt Stallion.

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War (Hard) - 2018.03.03. - 8/10

Did it again, but I don’t know if I ever done the hard campaign…which was pretty easy I have to say. I don’t want to wrirte a long review about DoW, everybody knows it, and if you are not, shame on you and try it. Classic Relic RTS. Next one is Dark Crusade.

Max Payne 2: The fall of Max Payne - 2018.03.15. - 7/10

It is short. I want more. Awesome shooting. Bullet time. Voice acting. Storytelling. Always hitting quick save.

Tomb Raider (2013) (Very hard) - 2018.04.10. - 8/10

Finished it again because never played it on hardest difficulty before and wanted a 100% completed run. Did it in nearly 8 hours with every collectables, challenges, every weapon and skill maxed out etc. Still an awesome game, I love it. The progression is the best. When I start to feel I have the save weapon and equipment for a long time I get another way to progress. Backtracking and opening doors and climbing walls I could not do at the early stages.
Also the first time I run this game on highest possible settings. Big difference, I had a 660 back then and now a 1070 :smiley:

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Very hard) - 2018.04.19. - 8/10

More TR in every aspects. More looting, more skills, more crafting, side missions, bigger maps, more story, even more beautiful and more Lara. Finished it on survivor difficulty. This is how you should play it. And even this was not hard enough at the end when I started to max out weapons and skills. Can’t wait to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider :smiley:

EVERSPACE - 2018.04.23. - 7/10

Epic space shooting! Amazing graphics! Loot! Rogue-like never ending fun! Finished on easy first on my 13th run with the heavy ship, definitely going to start again on normal with my amazing new skills and perks.

L.A. Noire - 2018.05.10. - 9/10

I had the second best game in this year after F1 2017. 9 points and totally deserved. Over 20 missions with the DLC bundle. All of them is amazing, interesting, sometimes hard, but enjoyed all of it. And the overall story is good as well, but damn that ending…Did every street crime missions, found a lot of stuff. I enjoyed every hour of this game, shame I missed it until now. Well done Rockstar again.

Spec Ops: The line (Hard) - 2018.05.22. - 8,5/10

Played it when they launched the game, but I always wanted to play it again. Now I did it on hard…which was only hard in the last 2 chapters, but there i was dying every five seconds. Very heavy story, enjoyable shooting, still acceptable visuals. I only thing why I can’t give this game a 9 out of 10 is because it is too damn short. I finished it in 6 hours with a lot of dying at the end. I wanted to play with it another 4-5 hours at least. Still, a very good game, a very good shooter game, recommended. Spoilers in the screenshot album.

Duke Nukem Forever (Hard) - 2018.06.11. - 3/10

Well, if Homefront got 4/10 this is 3 at best. This is not how a shooter is made. Horrible gunplay, horrible graphics, horrible framerate issues, horrible jokes, horrible controls. Nothing else to say. Back to play Serious Sam instead.

Warhammer 40.000: Space Marice - 2018.06.16. - 7/10

3-4 years ago I started this game but somehow never finished it so I had to. I am a big Warhammer 40k fan so this is a shame I had to fix. Not the best game I ever played but because I am a fanboy I enjoyed way more than my score indicates. Slashing orcs, shooting chaos marines is so much fun in this game. After this I have to watch the Ultramarines movie again :stuck_out_tongue: Decent TPS shooter and surprisingly difficult even on normal because you don’t have regenerating health, only close combat execution grants you health. If you are a War40k fan, this is a must play for you.

Darkness 2 (Hard) - 2018.06.21. 6/10

Another old game I started ages ago but never finished. Darkness 2 has a great concept to make shooters fun again with the darkness. Never played the first one, but I don’t feel I missed a lot from the story. The game is sadly very short, a bit more than 4 hours on hard. When I started to feel pretty confident with the darkness and the gunplay, the suddenly reaches the end. It was fun while it lasted. This is why I am only going to give it 6,5…damn it, you are not a CoD single campaign…It had so much promise. Going to play the vendettas as well and maybe try the very hard difficulty with the new game + option, wel’ll see. It was worth the time, interesting experience, give it a try.

South Park - The Stick of Truth (Hard) - 2018.07.01. - 8/10

Played this game when it came out. Back then I was not a frequent game buyer so I downloaded it and finished it. But this game was so great even back, I did something I rarely do: Play it again on harder difficulty and preorder the next episode, the Fractured But Whole. Both game is amazing, gives back all the SP feeling I love from the tv series. I get it if you dont like SP this is probably not the game for you, but if you like watching it, you will love the game as well.

Front Mission Evolved (Hard) - 2018.07.06. - 5/10

Old mecha/wanzer game. In my opinion the game did not age well. The controlls on pc with keyboard and mouse is clunky. Provides some fun at the beginning of the game but soon you discover you will do this in the entire game. You meet all the enemy types in the first hour, only the bosses give something against repetitive gameplay. Nonexisting story for me, didnt play any other Front Mission games before. Fun for a couple of hours just have patience with the aiming.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered (Hard) - 2018.07.13. - 6/10

Damn, another really unbalanced and hard last mission, took almost 10 retry and 90 minutes. About the game: It is the good old game on Mars with destructable buildings and big, open, empty places. They only upgraded the graphics, added fov slider, 4k support, high res textures, shadows, lightning etc. They didnt touched anything else and I say what worked before works here as well. Geo-mod is still amazing in today’s standards, interesting how no other game managed to copy it or even try doing it. It is a lot of fun destroying huge buildings, bridges, everything. Only problem is the below avarage story and the empty world in an open world game. Oh and the vehicles controlls are still a mess, they could have fixed it, simply horrible. Brainless destroying on Mars for free (if you had the old version).

Among the sleep - 2018.07.17 - 5/10

I hate to give this game only 5 points. It has an interesting viewpoint, a sad story, but nothing else. I finished the game in less than two hours. But I can’t be mad, it showed me an amazing experience, if it needed this time, so be it. I can’t even imagine crawling another 3-4 hours and solving “puzzles” meant for a baby :smiley: If you have two hours free time, give it a try. I am not a horror fan, this was creepy enough sometimes. So this point is not because it is crap.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Hard) - 2018.07.21 - 8/10

I had to finish it again for an achievement. So I did the Token experience, made a black character and beat the game on hard. But it was still fun the second time, I love South Park :smiley: Finished all achievements, 12th perfectly finished game in my Steam library. Yaaaaaaaay. I need the season pass so much. winkwink

The Room Two - 2018.07.23 - 6/10

The same as the first one. great escape room experience, interesting puzzles, a lot of joy if you manage to beat the puzzle without hints. Two and a half hours, recommeded to try if it is on a sale. Waiting to The Room Three.

Max Payne 3 (Hard) - 2018.07.25 - 7,5/10

One of the best action TPS I played in recent years. So why the lower score? Honestly, I wanted to give it a 8, but damn this game pushed my patience to the limit. I talk about the annoying cinematics…cinematics everywhere. Max opens a door? Cutscene. The enemy enters the room? Cutscene. Max crosses a street? Cutscene. Max has a dialogue? Cutscene. Every fucking time. I am not lying if I say there is not a single undisrupted 5 minute action in the entire game. In my 8 hours in the game, I am not sure I controlled Max half the time. This was almost a Telltale movie with some shooting. But damn, that shooting. Bullet time is incredible, the best so far, the action, the pace, the controls, the visuals. I missed the noir setting first but after some usual Max dialogue and taking my first painkiller, all that went away. The story is better than anticipated. Hard was only challenging in some areas where I ran out of bullettime. The game is dirt cheap during sales, totally worth it, just have patience.

The Banner Saga 3 - 2018.07.30 - 8/10

It was a long journey. Great story, great combat, great characters, great visuals and art style, my type of game. Sadly I started the first game on normal and never changed it, so I guess I have to play it again from the beginning. Especially because somehow I am a noob and did some bad things, got the sad, worse ending :smiley: I have to make it right…installing the first game.

Layers of Fear + Inheritance DLC - 2018.08.03 - 5/10

I wanted to train myself in the horror genre because I have some games I heard are good, but I am not a big fan of horror. So I started with a light walking horror simulator. I hate jump scares, I am more into the atmosphere, that is what creeps me out and the game usually managed to. More creepy than scary game, but ovarall it was a good experience. I think now I am ready to play the new Alien game. The DLC is a short epilogue, similar to the base game, same quality. It was free, good game for the price :smiley:

The Talos Principle - 2018.08.08 - 7,5/10

Exceptional puzzle game. I like a good puzzle game, like the Portal games, The Witness ( I lost my save, i had to restart it recently), The Room and I list even The Breach here. But so far this was the hardest. Maybe because I am not so good at solving puzzles in large areas with a bunch of extra equipment. In Portal for example you had a gun and three types of gels. In this game a lot more and more complicated resorting in waaaay more complex puzzles. I confess I had to use some help during 3-4 puzzles. But this is good, long time I played a challenging puzzle. Didn’t even cared to collect the even more harder stars. Started Road to Gehenna DLC but instantly exited the game when I saw the first open area, which was an entire island. Maybe later I will continue it later, but now I am full and burnt out with puzzles and boxes and connectors :smiley: I recommend it to anyone who needs a more challenging game than Portal.

Prey 2017 (Hard) - 2018.08.15 - 8/10

I love immersive sims. System Shock, Deus Ex, Dishonored etc and now Prey. Complex systems, multiple approaches, endings, fighting, stealth, rpg elements, tough decisions and some extra survival horror feeling on the Talos I space station. Hard to say anything about the game without spoilers. The gameplay elements work great, the exploring is rewarding, non existing/minor bugs, good visuals. I am denifitely going to continue the game, start a new game+ and try different routes. I suggest to install the game on a ssd because the game loves to load between sections. Anyone who like the games mentioned above should try Prey.

Far Cry 3 - 2018.09.03 - 6,5/10

I enjoyed the first half of the game. Big explorable area, hunting, driving, climbing, shooting all you want. And when I started to collect more skills points I could use it started to become repetitive. Same tower, same outpost, same car, same weapons, same gameplay over and over again. Maxed out all skills and crafting items, did all towers and outposts, collected a lot of shit so it was okay to do, but not amazing. Story is avarage, Vaas saved most of it falling below avarage but sadly he is the first guy to die. Still, a good advanture, spent a lot of time with it and I don’t regret it. Solid game.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - 2018.09.08 - 5/10

As the review score shows, nothing memorable, but it was fun while lasted. Liberated all outposts, found all VHS and other collectables, unlocked all weapons. As a DLC it did a good job, just when it started to get boring, the game ended. FC3 gameplay mechanics worked here as well. Good visuals for the theme, story is just there for the fun.

Serious Sam 3: BFE - 2018.09.17. - 4/10

I liked Serious Sam 1 and 2. I started this game because I wanted some brainless action and gunplay especially after Duke Dukem Forever was utter crap. The game started pretty well, great visuals, some weapons and the bloody messacre. And then after a couple of hours you starting to notice major problems. After 2-3 hours, you still dont have half the weapons. You already met all the enemy types. Starting to become very repetitive. And you are only reached the half point. The second half of the game was horrible, boring, it took me almost 2 months to finish the game. Maybe it is more fun with friends coop.

Tacoma - 2018.10.24. - 5/10

After a long break, I start the winter season with a light, short game. It was interesting to find out everything about the crew of the Tacoma station. A good idea to watch everything through AR recordings. I enjoyed while it lasted which is 2.6 hours according to Steam. I could have played with it a little more still a good job. If you have 3 hours and like exploring, give it a try.

INSIDE - 2018.11.11. - 8/10

Incredible. Terrifying. Amazing. Confusing. Clever. Satisfying. Exciting.

Orwell - Ignorance is Strength - 2018.11.13. - 7/10

I really liked the first season, it was interesting to find clues, watching, spying on people, reading their emails. Well, season two is even better but sadly it is shorter. Season one took 4.6 hours, season 2 took 3.5 hours to finish according to Steam. It has more options to manipulate and watch people, a slightly better story so I am fine with it. I will definitely buy and play season 3. Going to play it again immediately for another ending.


The Bureau XCOM Declassified - 2018.11.16. - 5/10

As a big XCOM fan myself I always to play this game. I started several times a long time ago but never finished it. Now it is done. The tactical elements of the gameplay were fun, the story is engaging for an XCOM fan, but nothing wow. Very avarage shooting game, all parts of the game is avarage and it is working. It was fun, but only for an XCOM fan. Others can find better shooters. I really tried to finish it on hard difficulty but I am a noob or the game is just hard af. So the last 2-3 levels i did it on normal and didn’t get that hard achievement :frowning:

The Room Three - 2018.11.23. - 6,5/10

Damn, I enjoyed this one as well. Almost 2 hours longer than the previous games, now longer than an avarage CoD campaign :smiley: The first one was the hardest, this one is the longest, but still very satisfying puzzles. Gives me a great satisfaction to solve these, like a good escape room. I give 0,5 point more because I like the way they improved and can’t wait for the next one. Totally worth the full 6 euro price.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons - 2018.11.26. - 8/10

I don’t know what to say. I expected a different ending. An amazing adventure with a sad story. Great visual and sound design, engaging levels, a bit wierd but unique controls. Just play the game, I won’t tell you more.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice - 2018.12.01. - 9,5/10

Incredible. One of the best and most unique experience in my life. A masterpiece. Visually amazing, the audio is the best, amazing storytelling and enjoyable fighting. I am glad I have a pretty expensive and quality headphone. Sometimes the rune searching was a bit annoying but I can forgive that. What I can’t forgive myself is that I missed THREE lorerunes and I don’t know where, damn it. We needed a game like that in the ocean of avarage and boring craps they make nowadays. Senua is in my heart and on the list of my favourite games. Thank you @ShiftySatchmo for the gift. :heart:

Dying Light - 2018.12.05. - 7,5/10

Where are my fast travel points dammit? I loved running across the city, doing parkour, killing zombies but when I am doing the 40th side mission and the game always sends me across town, I felt some hate and anxiety. But overall, a pretty good game, enjoyable. Did every side missions, some achievements for fun and now preparing to start The Following DLC. I heard I can move my save file, inventory and skill tree, it should be fun, especially with a car to run over zombies all the time. Run free, kill free.

MURDERED Soul Suspect - 2018.12.07. - 5/10

Pros: Interesting story, walking through walls, voice acting
Cons: Linear, poor investigating, almost like a point and click adventure game

XCOM2 War of the Chosen - 2018.12.15. - 8/10

The best expansion pack of the year. Or maybe even the decade. A lot of new stuff, new enemies, new tactics, a completely different pace and challenge during champaign, legacy operations, daily challenges etc. another 30-40 hours from your life. I think with this they maxed out everything from this game and I hope they already making XCOM3.Yes the price of the DLC is pretty high, but if you liked XCOM2, you should pick this up during a sale for 20 dollars/euros, worth the price. Very recommended.

Is this looking good? Did I pass? :smiling_face_with_halo:

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buttstallion said in ButtStallion - 2018 Gamer Challenge:

Is this looking good? Did I pass? :smiling_face_with_halo:

You’re a hero.

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teh_g Thank you sir

New day, new entry. :smiley: Next games in progress: The Room 1-2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (Yes, surprisingly never finished it because it is waaay worse than BL2 and I play it solo instead of with friends), L.A. Noire. My 1 TB game drive is full, I have 77 Steam games installed…Need some cleaning.

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Another game finished, busy new year so far. FPS, RTS, racing, puzzle games…

buttstallion said in ButtStallion - 2018 Gamer Challenge:

Another game finished, busy new year so far. FPS, RTS, racing, puzzle games…

You’re much better at finishing games than I am.


teh_g said in ButtStallion - 2018 Gamer Challenge:

buttstallion said in ButtStallion - 2018 Gamer Challenge:

Another game finished, busy new year so far. FPS, RTS, racing, puzzle games…

You’re much better at finishing games than I am.

I haven’t finished a game in 2 months, I think…


Happy for a good in depth look at racing games. Personally love the Codemasters F1 franchise and the reason I bought a racing wheel. Well that and Project Cars.


I am sooo much better than any of you…So I added another game today, just to brag. :stuck_out_tongue: <3


Updated with some new games. L.A. Noire and Darksiders Warmaster edition is the next. Oh and Darkest Dungeon if I manage to beat to the last dungeon, already killed all bosses, but I am too afraid…

(Silently adding games to the list)

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Finished Front Mission Evolved. I only do a new entry about it because I want to rant.

Happened that I started the game on hard. It has 20 or so missions during the game and I noticed I am dying left and right. I wrote in the review the aiming and the mouse controll is shit as well, probably a console port so I thought I am bad because of that. Until I reached one of the final bosses around mission 17, when the boss always immediately one shot me while I wore the best armor available. After some google and steam discussions I enabled v-sync and suddenly the entire game became playable (except the aiming). The enemy was not overpowered, was not super fast and did not one shot me. Somehow I managed to beat the game on an even harder difficulty than it was supposed to be. The last 3 missions was sooooo easy after that I almost missed the cheating enemy. This is my tale about how i got several seizures because of this game. And yes, why am i not playing all games with vsync enabled, i cant see more than 60 fps on my monitor?! Because I hate that input lag while it is enabled, made the aiming in this game even worse. So fcuk you Front Mission, I am back driving trucks peacefully.

It was something like this:

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I remember playing that game and I haven’t had these problems. But the game would crash very often so that’s the reason I just stopped playing it.

30th game finished in this year yaaaaay. I may have some problems. :thinking:


I like every Mecha game. Front Mission included. Didn’t have issues with controls. Joystick bro. :smiley:

Only ~40 days left in 2018, I need to hurry with the games.

Voting time!!!

What games should I finish before the new year? 5 votes/person. Top 5 will be finished this year, I swear. Challenge accepted!

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect
  • One Piece: Burning Blood
  • Darksiders Warmastered Edition
  • Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
  • Dying Light
  • Batman Arkham City GOTY
  • Bayonetta
  • BioShock Remastered
  • The Witness
  • Hitman Absolution
  • DOOM 3 BFG Edition
  • Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter
  • F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin
  • Battlefleet Gothic Armada

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PS: This voting is cool we should do this more often :smiley:


Hey, that is cool! I didn’t even know it was a thing hah

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All right, played a bit of Dying Light today, did a lot of side missions and some story, but I need more votes to decide the other 4 games :smiley:

If you don’t beat Brothers ToTS then I will unvote you into Oblivion!