ButtStallion - December Gamer Challenge

Finished Shadowrun Returns on normal. No achievements so I figured I learn the game mechanics in this game and continue Dragonfall and Hong-Kong on hard, because I want to brag about it.
Little xcom feeling with a lot of conversations and choices and rpg elements. Sadly the choices were almost never influenced the story I hope they will fix this in the next episode which is already installed and plan to play it. I never tought I will rage again because of a missed shot after XCOM2. But those 90% misses during the final fight were annoying :smiley: And the finish…damn. Well, this is the life of the shadowrunners. Score: 6/10


As promised, finished Shadowrun: Dragonfall on hard. But damn you developer, no achievement for sweating during every fight and cursing the system after a 99% shot missing? Well, no problem, because this second episode is better in every way than Shadowrun Returns. Better fights, more side quests, companion side missions, companion leveling up and choosing their skills and weapons, better final boss fight, bigger hub area, more text to read, more gun to buy, more cyberware to install and more gameplay time. It was hard, but worth it, liked it. So if the previous game got 6 point, I rate this 7/10



Finished this month’s Humble Montly game Quantum Breakon hard. I was always interested in it, because it is a Remedy game, but I heard so many problems about i was afraid to buy it even when it was on sale. But the time has come and finished it. The story and the movie part of the game was absolute Remedy quality, interesting, twists after every act and the ending…Well, I need more, because they left me again with more questions than answers just like in Alan Wake.
The gameplay part of it where the problems start. Avarage gameplay, crap port and optimization, weak visuals even if they like to call it “techdemo”. Oh and it is funny how the checkpoint system works. I managed to die 3 times on the same place. The game loaded 3 different “last checkpoint”. Once it was almost the beginning of the entire act. Second time it was almost midway, last time just before I died. Interesting and the game did this multiple times. Overall GX score: 6/10…One of my hardest decisions…Back to finishing my Shadowrun marathon :smiley:


  • Story
  • Live action cutscenes


  • Platforming
  • Crap port and optimization
  • Unsynced subtitles
  • Buggy checkpoint system


Damn, almost collected everything…

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I gave it a 7/10. It was a better score probably because I had no technical issues with it. IMO it’s a good game and for the price, I’d say definitely worth playing it.

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buttstallion womp womp. I am shocked you were able to marathon through. I was all like Zzzzz

buttstallion haha you gave a game 6/10 for being a TV show? But it seems like as a game 0/10?

shiftysatchmo As a game? 3/10 As a TV show? 9/10 :smiley: Avarage: 6 :smiley:

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syncrosis The Shadowrun games? Sad, I am really enjoying them, a cyberpunk xcom :stuck_out_tongue:

buttstallion NO! Quantum

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I am a monster because I play on Christmas day, but I just had to. One hour remained from the extended bonus missions. So I finished Shadowrun: Hong Kong and the extended pack on hard. I can’t wait for a new Shadowrun game, I really enjoyed them. This one had some upgrades from thr previous game like better ui, visuals, music, matrix sequences and more skills and items. Another solid 7/10 score from me. I can recommend this to anyone who likes xcom, rpg and cyberpunk.



buttstallion time differences are fun. It’s the morning of Christmas Eve here hah