Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Mod Tools available now!

This is actually really cool. Now you can mod maps, weapons, characters, modes, everything in Black Ops 3!

Katsuo Some day ill get to play CoD BOps III again :slight_smile:

Only0neKnight I still have to buy the game. I have a feeling modding this game would be fun. Especially the zombies!

Katsuo you can play it off my steam when we fam share :slight_smile:

Also small update…All Black Ops games are on sale right now on Steam. Still overpriced but better than nothing lul

NOTE that the Multiplayer Starter Pack Upgrade is an upgrade for dem peeps that own only the Multiplayer Pack. So the price of the full game is halved. Normal price is 29.99 euros and 74.99 euros for the Deluxe edition.