Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

you and picking the wrong sequel/prequel thread to post inโ€ฆ

Whoops, I was lazy :grin:

*Call of Duty x+1

Also activision made up my mind even sooner than normal about grey marketing this game. They cut a 2 second clip of the tiananmen square massacre because the ccp said so.

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They gonna get my 60 euros. MW was pretty good. Donโ€™t care what theyโ€™ve cut. :man_shrugging:

Itโ€™s moreso why they cut. Not what they cut. The ccp is the biggest virus on the planet at the momentโ€ฆwell at the moment and for the last decade or so.

I fully understand that. But imagine saying โ€œfuck youโ€ to ccp while being a random company.

Everyone should say that regardless of being an individual or company. Why does this regime get a pass when they kill more people per year than any other regime has combined in recorded history?

I mean, Activisionโ€™s job is to make a game and sell it. And to bend over to China, obviously.

Iโ€™m not sure what wouldโ€™ve happened to Activision if they didnโ€™t remove the footage.

The interesting part is also that theyโ€™ve managed to put Yuri Bezmenov in their trailer and that didnโ€™t get taken out at all. Youtube is fighting for years to remove Bezmenovโ€™s footage from their platform.

Meh, they would have inevitably done something else anyway to make me go grey. They always deliver.

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They nailed it with the latest MW though. Was a pretty solid game with a solid multiplayer (minus the deathmatch)

So this is my next game! Got a $17 shady ebay key. Required having a 3080/3090 for some reason. Had to enter the key into geforce experienceโ€ฆso I installed it, entered the key, it verified my card, had to log into via geforce experience, then it added the game to my account. I then uninstalled geforce experience.

Currently running at max settings at 2160p>60 (usually > 70, dlss set to quality, rtx set to ultra, hdr on). Damn itโ€™s pretty! So far itโ€™s mostly just another cod, but theyโ€™ve added some perk stuff and โ€œside missionsโ€. Will post more later!

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Beat it. Itโ€™s more COD. Recommended if you can get it for cheap.