Call of Duty: WW2 Reveal Trailer

Can’t wait!

I was waiting this for awhile and still believe COD 1&2 and World at War were one of the best FPS games ever made but they should have used We Shall Never Surrender as intro not that crap XD Would beat BF1 by likes


I actually skipped Infinite Warfare which is the first COD I have not bought on release for PC in the last 5 years or so.

However, I’ll damn sure be getting this one!

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LetsGetIt1220 Infinite Warfare has a great campaign. Multiplayer is crap though so yeah, buy it only if you see a huge discount on that game haha

If COD WW2 is anything close to COD2 in multiplayer, COD WW2 will be a hit!

Arsononion I still think BF1 is just pretty and that’s about it. The multiplayer mechanics are just pure garbage and doesn’t even come close to BF4. I hope COD WW2 will be close to COD2 in multiplayer. That would be sick!
As for likes…seriously, who the hell cares about likes other than 10 y/o titty suckers? xD

Katsuo Ya I may have to get back into BF4 a bit. ATM, I’ve been a bit torn and have not really found anything I can play for more than a game or two.

Also hoping Quake Champions is as good as it can be. Played the BETA for a bit and did like it but they have a lot to work on but we shall see.

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Katsuo I got massive ***** when i saw the trailer so me like XD and BF1 multiplayer was disappointment. I still play COD2 cracked XD

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I’m going to get this on XB1 so I can sell it when I get bored XD

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ShiftySatchmo XB1? You okay? xD #ps4masterrace

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Katsuo XB1 is in my office so I could play it more on there, and I need an excuse to turn it on.

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ShiftySatchmo Poor office. Suffering there alone with that disgusting XB1. :’(
Anyway, it’s sucky to play shooters on consoles anyway. Get it on Steam :*

Katsuo I had modern 1 and 2 on PC and it was a hack fest. Awful stuff.

ShiftySatchmo Be better than cheaters :wink:

Katsuo nah it’s not even that. I remember in modern people did this annoying thing that made you make prestige and unlocked everything for you. Sucked the fun out of achievement.

ShiftySatchmo these days everyone uses trainers and stuff to do 100% lol

ShiftySatchmo Well, if you do that now, you’ll get banned by the valve anticheat eventually since all COD games are VAC protected. That wasn’t the case when MW games were out.

Katsuo I’ll play console with the rest of the noobs.

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