Call of Duty WWII Review

Date of Review: 1/13/2018
Score: 8
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Call of Duty WWII (PS4) – REVIEW

Juat beat this today. I had pretty high hopes for this game all around. I skipped the last few, but going back to WWII was something I couldn’t resist. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed!

Overall, when I take the campaign, multi, and zombies modes into account, I am pretty pleased.

The campaign was one of the better ones I’ve played since World at War. Ghosts and Advanced Warfare were alright, but this was a lot better. It felt a tad disjointed plotwise. I guess to facilitate some variety, they have you tour through a lot of events instead of a single event approach, which I guess is kind of the call of duty way. Solid voice acting, excellent sound design, and satisfying gunplay, but it’s your typical call of duty where you have to just plough through and push over and over. Also, it is insanely bombastic and has some absolutely ridiculous set pieces, which again, is expected in this series.

I really enjoy the multiplayer. They stripped it back down to a more core set of gameplay, without toooo much insanity and slightly less frequent streaks. Nonsense like quick scoping snipes and people flying through the air while perfectly landing shots is still very much there, but it’s a satisfying quick arcade style action game to mix it up here and there.

Zombies was fun, but I didn’t play it too much. There seems to be a lot there and it was pretty challenging. I’d like to dig into it a bit more someday.

Anyway, as the score shows, I thought it was great. I really don’t have any major complaints about it. If you’re looking for a quick experience and haven’t played CoD in a while, I’d say this could be the one to get you back into it.

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