Call of Jaurez

Because this game is soooo awesome. And because Alex wanted a topic so he could discuss it! :smiley:

Honestly, I loved this game. The graphics were stunning and beautiful. The gameplay was really good. Just hard enough to make it hard, but easy enough to be fun.
But the kicker is the history that is included, if you pay attention, you learn a LOT about American Wild West history!

Polekatt One game I haven’t gotten around to getting yet and heard was really under rated. Someday :slight_smile:


Thumbs up right here! I missed a lot of these secrets, but I am planning to go back there soon just so I can collect all of them. They are freaking awesome, they are not only talking about stuff like Billy the Kid or other infamous cowboys, but also stuff like safes and how they were invented! Freaking amazing!

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I played it a long time ago, I just don’t remember much other than it was good enough to beat. : ]

I played only the Gunslinger Call of Juarez. Beat it 3 times + achievements. It’s that good! But it’s hella short :confused:

If you’re talking about Gunslinger I enjoyed it. I had to get rid of the border and a couple other “fixes” to really enjoy it. But the story carried it home for me. Very unique way of telling the story with the storyteller exagerating his tale and everything. The duels were awful though. And by the end killing the mindless crowds of enemies wore a little thin even with how damn short the game was. It was a one time playthrough for me. But worth it for sure!

schlitty Yeah, Gunslinger was the one I was talking about, I’m assuming thats what Alex meant also.

The duels really didn’t bother me that much, I thought they were hard, but I had a good time with them. I figure it would be just as hard to draw in real life! hahah.

The only parts that I really had trouble with was the one where you had to fight up that hill with the rocks, and the one where you had the guy throwing dynamite at you.

And short? hahah, a short game to everyone else is 6 months to me!! :smiley:

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I need to finish this game.