Cant access my Facebook account because i dont have access to 2FA


@gord0 bro again my account was hacked. he changed my email address and password. tell me how can is that possible? i didnt got any notification or any mail or anything. and yah i have 2fa enabled. how tf he could bypass that? tell me man… i am really scared :frowning:

What kind of 2fa?

Google authenticator

Did you turn on 2fa in facebook?


Sounds like you’re infected. Goto a clean pc and change your email password. Make sure tfa enabled. Rinse and repeat with all accounts except fb. When everything is reset with 2fa enabled. Then rescue your fb account. Run av software on all devices before using again.

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At this point I’d also consider suspecting somebody in your physical life with physical access to one of your devices. If you leave your phone laying around with the facebook app open, all somebody needs to do is pick it up. Leave yourself logged in on a computer at work and take your lunch break? Couple clicks.

If you get back in, just backup the photos that matter to you like katsuo said and move on.

Also under Security and Login in facebook settings you can see all the devices that have logged in to your account. Ever. And currently. You should check that immediately if you get back in too. If it’s only your devices… Well.

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Perhaps it’s just the universe telling you to delete your Facebook account

i checked that before too. login location is all over the world. hacker is using a vpn i suppose

Could also up security by using a password manager. That way all your passwords are really long random characters that you don’t need to remember.

Pretty weird. Dunno what would make your random facebook profile worth the effort. Time to just delete the account if you get it back again. No social media profile is worth that trouble. ‘Memories’ or not. Save the pics, move on.

is it safe? tell me which one should i use

exactly my point i dont even have any online money either or anything valuable.
anyway its not just memories or pics :frowning: i was also streaming from my page. and i was doing good. i had 1k followers…

I haven’t used one in a while. I’m not familiar with what’s out there.

LastPass is a good one I use. @teh_g used something else I forget

Bitwarden is the one I use. They have an awesome free version. The paid one is $10 a year I think.

Did you just call me ‘the universe’? Why thank you!

I have used Dashlane for years now, and I love it.

I pay a yearly fee of $60 but its money well spent as far as I am concerned.

I remember one encrpyted password, and it takes care of all the rest of them, makes them big long passwords, allows me to regenerate and change any password with the click of a button. The passwords are stored on their end, not mine, so anyone hacking my pc can’t get to them. On top of that, I have access to 5 trusted devices, that all sync up. If someone does get my master password, they still can’t get to the other ones unless they are on a trusted device that I have approved. I use this service for all my autofill fields, so I can disallow that in every other program. Lastly, it has a legacy option I like, if anything ever happens to me, my son and wife have a login they can use, and if they try to log in, it sends a message to me, and gives me three days to respond, and if I don’t, it will then allow them to get in and pay bills or stuff if needed.

I hear last pass is very good too, and does the same stuff. I just picked dashlane when they both started up and stayed with them.

I had not heard of Bitwarden, but I’m sure if teh G uses it and likes it, it would be good too.


got my account again. i think the hacker put a malware or something into my phone or pc. or else its not logically not possible cause the way he kept getting into my accounts. formatted my whole pc. not mobile yet. i will wait few days to see if smth goes down again or not. if it does then i will have to reset my phone too. one of my tech friend said the hacker must have cloned my sim/phone. idk cause i might not as expert like most of the people but at least i know basic technology. and i really dont understand how can he kept bypassing 2FA. anyway all normal till formatted my pc. lets see what happens now…

Thanks again everyone for giving a damn about my issue <3