Cant access my Facebook account because i dont have access to 2FA

My account was hacked then i changed my id pass of everything. Everything is under control now. but now i cant access to my account cause i need 2FA which i dont have. i tried to email facebook support but no response.

there was another way to verify myself to login but i have to provide NID or other certificates. Problem is my name and birth date on facebook is not as same as on those papers. so i am lost brothers and sisters please someone help me to figure this out :frowning:

The hacker basically gave you freedom from the piece of shit platform. Enjoy!

P.S. I don’t think anyone here can help you. We all collectively hate Facebook. With passion lol


You could try @ing them on twitter.

Also you should have 2fa on anything that offers it.


I probably can’t be of help, but it might help others help if you give more info on why you don’t have 2FA.

(I’m with @Katsuo I hate FB and don’t use it)

But for your problem-
Do you mean that you can’t set up 2FA for some reason? If so what?

or do you mean that you have 2FA set up and can no longer access the device it was set up with?

The hacker set it up from my understanding.

tried but no response from them. also sent many emails to them in their support team security team still nothing

i had set it up but my authenticator doesnt have facebook anymore i guess the hacker removed it. but idk how can is that possible

also i really dont understand why would someone hack my account there is no money information there or i dont have any online money either. i really dont understand guys. i have using this account since 2008 so many memories are there. :frowning: i am extremely depressed for this guys :frowning: really not doing good here. All important moments photos were there :frowning:

ik you guys dont use/like facebook. its not just you guys i think mostly from south asian use facebook

Scamming people is easier when the victim thinks the scammer is their friend. So stolen accounts are preferred so they can try to scam your contacts.

Good luck, My wife had a issue where her account got flagged for deletion because facebook said she was against the TOS which she was not. Then when she tried to get whole of them for months to get it over turned, they did nothing…would not even review it or anything when she asked… so she lost her account which had pictures and stuff on it and she couldnt even get into it to save anything.

even though I do not use it or like it, I do feel for you bro, and hope the best for you.

I don’t have to like all the same things my friends like! I’m hoping you can get things worked out on it somehow!

thanks everyone for kind words. that really warms my heart.

and its not just Facebook. i got hacked on Instagram too (idc about that place cause i dont use it) and someone is trying to access my steam account but steam authenticator is really good i suppose then cant change anything in steam. but idk why all this happening and how. and yes i changed all email address and passwords…

Turn on 2fa on your email. If that get’s hacked, all you’re accounts are at risk.


i did man i did. i made new email address for steam and he is still trying to login :frowning:

Change your steam account name by 1 character.

yah done for now everything stable almost 12 hours gone. lets see what happens next

and finally i got my account back guys…!!


Now you can backup your stuff and then delete it!!!

setup 2fa! On everything!

i did thanks mate.