Can't update to windows 10 2004

I’m at bios ver 1.2.0 and it still won’t install:

This is the only thing I can find on it and it’s not the solution:

You got the notification that you can upgrade to 2004? If not, then your PC isn’t ready for it. 2004 isn’t fully available for all devices. I got my update few days ago.

Dell says bios 1.2.0 is what I need. I have it and it still isn’t working.

Dell can suck their ass. Run Windows Update again and see if you get the notification about the 2004.

That’s the first thing I did after installing bios 1.2.0 . Then I used the windows upgrade assistant or whatever they call it. Only to receive a marginally differently worded error.

Probably not ready for your system. Try contacting Dell. Maybe they’ll answer this year.

Screw 2004 right now, it caused such bullshit issues with my pc I couldn’t even game untill I got back on 1909 becareful! I was crashing like crazy!

Similar error on my brother-in-law DELL Workstation. Looks like he was lucky. Microsoft Update Assistant fixed it and went through installation.