Car Recommendation


This is all we have. The only cheap model is the Impreza and it’s a boring engine.


Personally I’d get Toyota yaris or VW golf 6 or some Audi but I don’t like cars lol

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Get the limited BRZ oooo


So you want me to pay 15k more for a car that has more or less the same specs as the new Honda Civic.

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I’d rather die than buy a German car. And Yaris? This crap???


It looks nice in blue XD


But it’s prettier


I have a 2008 Yaris. Never buy a Toyota.


I like the Honda more :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

There are only 2 Toyota cars that are good. Supra and Land Cruiser. Rest are trash.


Did someone say a Toyota Ylvis?


The Kia Ceed isn’t a bad choice, I think that is pretty similar to the Forte here. I’m not sold on GDI engines though, there is some extra stuff to watch for with them (they tend to get carbon deposits on them easily). The forte that I looked at had a really well put together interior, good exterior design and a better feature assortment than lots of other brands that I looked at.

I don’t really like how Kia chose to respond to their engine issues, a full year, after their sister company Hyundai fully acknowledged the same issue in their vehicles using the same engine.

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I always choose Toad and the Blue Kart personally.


And I got the Honda Civic Sport Plus 1.5l VTEC Lunar Silver. I tried all cars, including the Toyota yaris garbage and I have to say, Honda is simply quality. I’ll take a pic or two when it arrivesssssss


Hereeeee is my Hondaaaaa


New car, new pc I guess you are not homesick anymore :smiley:

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Was I ever homesick? :thinking:

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More like sick of home amiright?! Heyoooo


Oh god