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I decided to get a new car because I’m getting tired of my gigantic Honda Accord VI 2.3l 2001. Soooooooo, I kinda need your help to figure out what I should get. I’m willing to spend €/$25-27k on a car. Give me some recommendationsies.

The ones I’m looking at right now are Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC Sport Plus from 2018 and a Kia Ceed GT 1.6 Turbo-GDI from 2018/19. I don’t want something gigantic like SUVs or trucks or anything similar. Hatchbacks, coupes or smaller sedans is muy bien.


I’m only posting this because I know you hate Ford

Why are you sending me :poop: ?

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Save and get this instead

I would but here in Europe we have only the STI version and it costs 44-51k euros. And that’s without the insurance and tax.

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Bought myself a 2018 Mazda 3 GT 2.5L back in December. I never really liked Mazda but I bought it because it’s the only Car company in Canada or Ontario at least that has a unlimited mileage warranty by default.

Now that I’ve had the car for a few months I gotta say its great. Thing drives like a dream.


Unfortunately, we don’t have the GT model here in Germany but we do have a Skyactive Hybrid model which is absolutely a no haha
Not a fan of hybrids. The car looks pretty good, gotta say. If it only had more than 120HP, I would add it to my list of “me wants to buy” cars.

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I’m probably the last person to advise you, because

a) I don’t believe in spending much on vehicles unless you buy them without going into any debt.

b) I primarily like big vehicles like trucks and jeeps. For reference I have a '96 Ford Ranger and a '02 Jeep Liberty. Wife doesn’t like big vehicles either though, she drives a '08 Dodge Caliber which is perfect for her. She only drives mine when she has to take one to the repair shop for me. lol

But all that said… I really like the looks of those Civics like you said you were looking at. I see them on the road and every time I see one I notice because I love the look of it.

The only problem I have with big vehicles is that I don’t have a place to park it here xD
I live in a city and parking places are tiny as hell. So I need to go with smaller cars.

The new Civic is indeed good looking. The rear is a bit trashy but it’s okay. I like it haha


Why not a VW Golf. There sexy and German.

I hate German cars. Garbage quality. As someone who was a car mechanic, 90% of the time I repaired only German cars. Especially VW Golf. All of 'em.

Alfa Romeo 4C?

That ain’t 27k euros. Not even close lol

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My Bad.

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Subaru’s are affordable, reliable, all wheel drive, and great on mileage

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Josh: “…are affordable”

costs $50k

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Then there’s this

Scratch that. It’s crap. Just read 20 million reviews saying it’s low quality trashcan.

I don’t know currency exchange but I paid $23k for my brand new Subaru Legacy when i bought it

everything else is OP.