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I decided to get a new car because I’m getting tired of my gigantic Honda Accord VI 2.3l 2001. Soooooooo, I kinda need your help to figure out what I should get. I’m willing to spend €/$25-27k on a car. Give me some recommendationsies.

The ones I’m looking at right now are Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC Sport Plus from 2018 and a Kia Ceed GT 1.6 Turbo-GDI from 2018/19. I don’t want something gigantic like SUVs or trucks or anything similar. Hatchbacks, coupes or smaller sedans is muy bien.



I’m only posting this because I know you hate Ford


Why are you sending me :poop: ?


Save and get this instead


I would but here in Europe we have only the STI version and it costs 44-51k euros. And that’s without the insurance and tax.


Bought myself a 2018 Mazda 3 GT 2.5L back in December. I never really liked Mazda but I bought it because it’s the only Car company in Canada or Ontario at least that has a unlimited mileage warranty by default.

Now that I’ve had the car for a few months I gotta say its great. Thing drives like a dream.


Unfortunately, we don’t have the GT model here in Germany but we do have a Skyactive Hybrid model which is absolutely a no haha
Not a fan of hybrids. The car looks pretty good, gotta say. If it only had more than 120HP, I would add it to my list of “me wants to buy” cars.


I’m probably the last person to advise you, because

a) I don’t believe in spending much on vehicles unless you buy them without going into any debt.

b) I primarily like big vehicles like trucks and jeeps. For reference I have a '96 Ford Ranger and a '02 Jeep Liberty. Wife doesn’t like big vehicles either though, she drives a '08 Dodge Caliber which is perfect for her. She only drives mine when she has to take one to the repair shop for me. lol

But all that said… I really like the looks of those Civics like you said you were looking at. I see them on the road and every time I see one I notice because I love the look of it.


The only problem I have with big vehicles is that I don’t have a place to park it here xD
I live in a city and parking places are tiny as hell. So I need to go with smaller cars.

The new Civic is indeed good looking. The rear is a bit trashy but it’s okay. I like it haha


Why not a VW Golf. There sexy and German.


I hate German cars. Garbage quality. As someone who was a car mechanic, 90% of the time I repaired only German cars. Especially VW Golf. All of 'em.


Alfa Romeo 4C?


That ain’t 27k euros. Not even close lol


My Bad.


Subaru’s are affordable, reliable, all wheel drive, and great on mileage


Josh: “…are affordable”

costs $50k


Then there’s this


Scratch that. It’s crap. Just read 20 million reviews saying it’s low quality trashcan.


I don’t know currency exchange but I paid $23k for my brand new Subaru Legacy when i bought it


everything else is OP.