Celeste and INSIDE free on Epic

Two great games that even I finished.



Epic has been giving away one to two games a week all year.

Anyone not taking advantage of that is crazy. I have a ton of games on there now, all free.

Might start Celeste this week. Looks good.

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ZZZays Gone



haha never, it is so good

Better than RDR2?

Everything is better than RDR2

Everything is better than the 10 hour tutorial of RDR2. Overall not better than RDR2 but great in its own unique way. Again, also means reviewers are dumb

Epic Game Store started 12 days of Christmas today. Going to be a new free game every day. Started with Into the Breach.


Game of the year in 2018 imo so grab it.

That game was on my list to try it. ThanksyouEpic

Anyone who picked up Celeste for free should 100% play it. Such a great game. I just finished it today. Wasn’t as hard as I was expecting but it’s a super cute game with a more fleshed out story than I was expecting. The controls feel super tight and responsive, such a solid game.

Also play inside as well. Such a weird and sort of disturbing game. I bought it when it first came out. It’s also good.

Anyways I beat Celeste and instead of starting a thread for it I figured I revive this one. That way if anyone forgot that they picked the game up for free, they will now be kindly reminded.

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I beat it on Switch a while back and agree. INSIDE was also solid (and very weird).


Never old

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