City to city movers

To all of you that have done it, kudos. I also have recently and what a pain in the ding dong.
Only 3 good things out of it.

  1. Wife loves the beach
  2. We are a 30 second walk from the beach that we can see out our front window, and we are no where near a busy road so it is so quiet. (that was part A and B as we classify that as one item) :slight_smile:
  3. Computer took a hit (nothing major) but after fixing it I am donating it to my streamer daughter and I get to build a new one. Oh goody, the fun to be had.
    That is all, just wanted to say hi in a roundabout way and give a shout out to those that have suffered through a big move.

Congrats on the move, they’re always an adventure. Enjoy the new digs and good to see you around again.

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I moved about 3,000 miles 11 or so years ago. Drove it in like 4 days with my wife and (at the time) two cats. It was an adventure haha


30 second walk from the beach !! damn

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I definitely always use movers now. Forget doing it myself.

When is the house warming party?

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Sorry been so long returning to the thread, last couple of weeks have been over 100F ( 38 and above Celsius) so been in the Lake.
Anyhow, thanks Schlitty, I surely will enjoy them now that the AC has been replaced and working again… just in time for the temps to drop into the high 20s and low 30s (again C).

Yeah our kids moved out Shifty, and they are older… so that was not an issue. Kudos for you having that fun time though. lol

Dante, It is sofa king nice!

teh-g, we did use movers, but packed ourselves. If there is for some reason another move, we will pay someone to pack it too… just to much work. House warming party is over… AC works again. :slight_smile: