Civilization VI Review Dump

Post Civ 6 reviews from around the tubes here!




Polekatt’s preliminary review-

I’m enjoying it! Its like Civ 5, only better!

So far, got a game going but I’ve only gotten to the Classical era, about 800 BC I think it was. I’m the African Kongo dude, (I always take random rulers). Gilgabesh is just to the north, and attacked me. I not only defended, but took him behind the woodshed, and just about wiped him out with counterattacks. He kept offering peace, because I kept pillaging him, but finally I accepted, because the gold per turn was good and he kept harassing my units that needed to be taking out barbarians. Other than that, I got Washington just over the hill who has allied with me, and England hates me. China and Arabia seem indifferent. for now.

Love this game!


IGN 9.4/10

I enjoyed this game a lot and will keep playing with @teh_g I always enjoy civ more multiplayer.

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