Claimed: Ryzen 1700X for free (now 1800X)

Do you live in the USA? Do you want a free CPU? I can send mine flat rate to youuuuuu at the end of July. That’s how long you have to say you want it. If more than one person wants it I’ll flip coins or something. If no one wants it I’ll find someone from work who does.

Used, of course, and no cooler, but hey it’s free.

I’ve never shipped something internationally and it seems annoying. That’s why I’m saying USA. If you can tell me it isn’t annoying and you want it I guess I can be less lazy and ship it internationally.

This is made possible in part by @teh_g, who is giving me his 1800X. Thanks, sir!


The upgrade train trickles down, choo choo.


I want it. Not.

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Very tempting, very very tempting! I am about to upgrade soon and a cpu could make it so I could put money else where! If I may? It would let me put money into other parts…


Yeah of course man. It’s a great one really. Gonna wait to the end of the month like I said to see if anyone else is interested. Also, that’s when I’ll have time to do the swap.

Alright, not ordering parts for my build till the end of the month anyhow gives me time to check out motherboards and such…

Last call to see if anyone else is interested before @Gorkie gets it by default (which would also be fine). Though the timing greatly depends on when I have a chance to swap mine out.


If I had more spendable cash I would also be in, my nephews have told me they want a gaming rig but right now I need to get wheels. Nice of you to offer it up.

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I’m feeling very lazy so I decided to just send you the 1800X instead. But it will probably be a couple of weeks before I drag myself to the post office.

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!!! Thank you so much!!! Do you need me to message you my address or shall I wait till just before your ready to send it? And a couple weeks is fine, cause I cant order parts till next week anyhow… Asus ROG Crosshair VII with 32gb DDR4 is looking nice about right now for that sweet upgrade :wink:

32 GB of RAM is probably unnecessary unless you plan on running a bunch of VMs. I’d aim for two 8 GB sticks at a higher speed over larger amounts of memory. Ryzen benefits greatly from higher speeds.


I’ll message you when I need it

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16gb ddr4 3200 enough then? I could put the extra into a M.2

Yeah, that’d be good unless you have some task that requires a ton of RAM.

Nope just gaming, and maybe recording some vids while gaming lol

Yeah, I’d stick to the faster RAM with lower latency. Check the Qualified Vendor List for your motherboard to confirm what it supports, but it should support 3200 RAM.

You’ll need to enable the XMP profile in the BIOS, otherwise the memory will perform at the default, lower rate.

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Yea, I had to enable XMP in my current motherboard MSI 970 Gaming… on a side note soon as I finish upgrades my old mobo, ram, cpu and such are being transfered to a new case and going to be upgrading my mothers pc as shes been on a crappy core2duo with 4gb of ram… and only barley able to play facebook games.

Make sure you update the firmware though. I was getting crashes when I enabled XMP and higher speed until I did the update.

Will do! First thing I always do is make a copy of new BIO’s updates before a upgrade so when I get things started I can upgrade Bio’s right off if needed.