[CLAIMED] The Key to a Game


If you use it, please comment so people know. Oh yeah, it is for Steam.

I’m not activating it but I still commented. I’m like a hot tabasco sauce and I also like to live dangerously. #makesnosenseatall

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Katsuo it could be Dark Souls 3 or Titanfall 2! (It’s not)

Nice share not taking tho

Arsononion it’s (not) BF1!

ShiftySatchmo Even if it was i wouldnt activate it XD

I’ll never activate it!

Hmm, a key to a :bomb: ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never thought I’d miss greedy bastards gobbling up keys XD

If no one claims it in a few days I’ll just add it to my library. It looks fun enough, but I don’t have time to play it haha.

My gaming queue is totally full for this year :stuck_out_tongue:

ShiftySatchmo I took it or I Didn’t’ took it hmmmm the question is the mystery

ShiftySatchmo Why do you think I want these games? :open_mouth:
Also, I know it’s Dragon’s Dogma.

Katsuo Haha nope. I claimed the crap out of that one. I need to keep a few for myself :wink:

ShiftySatchmo Is it a game that I like?

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ShiftySatchmo If its Killing floor ill clam the living crap out of it XD

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Katsuo How do I know if you like it if you never played it? It’s a 2D action game. Retro-ish.

ShiftySatchmo sigh What I meant is it a game that I might like. Something anime-ish, action RPG sick Nier DMC Dark Souls AAA $120 game. But now I know which game it is about and now I feel awesome because of it XD

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Katsuo haha no it is not an RPG. At least, I don’t think it is?

Katsuo At this point somebody probably ninja’d it anyway