CODE VEIN - First Trailer

Instant want.

This looks awesome!!! \o/

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ShiftySatchmo Told ya! We gotta play dis!

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Katsuo but it’s the god eater team…

ShiftySatchmo 3 studios were working on god eater. This time only Bandai Namco Studios is working on Code Vein. And God Eater is a Vita game originally which was ported shitty to PC. So yeah, maybe BNS learned actually something from all of this and will develop the game for PC and normal consoles.

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Just finished this one on PS4. Super sad story and pretty much a copy/paste Dark Souls gameplay game. Actually, I think Code Vein is a tiny bit more linear than Dark Souls 2. In any case, Code Vein is insanely easy (up until the last boss, that is). If you want to start playing souls games, start with this one. You’ll learn how to play a souls game and won’t die 2905832 times like in a normal souls game.
If I had to rate the difficulty from 1 to 10. I would say around 2. It’s Yooka Layle easy.

Story is pretty good actually but it’s reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally sad. Music is pretty damn good as well.

Recommended to pretty much everyone. 8/10

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Andrew and I are going to play this some day…

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How “Souls-Like” is it really? Crap controls? Hard for sake of hard? They said hollow knight was a souls like but it wasn’t my definition of souls like. Souls like to me is just bad controls and hard for no other reason than being hard.

Not sure which souls game you’ve played that had bad controls. All souls games have the same controls like most of the RPG games. I don’t know, imagine the latest Zelda game or Assassin’s Creed or anything that has a lock target functionality.

Hollow Knight was probably themed like a souls game so that’s why they call it a souls game. Although, it’s far from a souls game gameplay-wise.

Is this one hard for the sake of hard?


Ah, and it’s on pc now too.

It was launched on all platforms at the same time

That would explain why it was pre-ignored lol