Conan Exiles

There is a post about Conan Exiles somewhere, but I will make a new one here, as it is easier to find to update here, and (for me) belongs in this section anyway.

I’m still playing this game, almost exclusively now. What makes it for me though is the roleplaying aspect. Its almost like D&D every night, with a table that holds 20 people. It is the closest thing I have come to, that reminds me of the old EQ1 days, when we roleplayed more than anything.

Its still early access, still lots of bugs to deal with, but the game is patched regularly and new things are added all the time. But…you have to deal with the beta- ahem, early access. I have been through 4-5 server wipes, and numerous recreation of characters. But thats really fine on a roleplaying server, nobody cares what level you are, and the game is the story, nobody cares about grinding, building or killing creatures anymore.

In the past two weeks alone, I have watched two major characters get killed off, completely unexpected. Very tense, because of allies/enemies, you don’t know what is going to happen. Like the week before last, the one that lost was our clan leader, in a duel, so when he went down, we had to run with haste back to our fort before others could capture us.

So anyway, just thought I’d give an update, and make a new thread for this game, if anyone has any questions, I play it enough to feel qualified to answer now.