Could EM drive still get us to Mars in 70 days? Hope so. :D

Looks like impulse drive is on a horizon. Live long and prosper. :smiley:

Zmajuga Peace and long life.

I wonder how they will slow it down! That’s always the big issue with speeding something up.

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teh_g Anchor? Parachute like a funny car? Reverse thrusters?

They’ve already tested acceleration and deceleration. It works both ways apparently.

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teh_g by gravitational slingshot; if idea is to put spacecraft in stable orbit around planet … and with the use of inverse thrust …
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But for now RF resonant cavity thruster or EM drive is just a theory on paper … most likely that in the near future we will see first solar sail link text, then maybe ion thruster (already in use) link text then maybe plasma propulsion engine …