Couple Random Movies

Watched a few recently and was surprised that I liked them.

Assassin’s Creed Movie - Honestly I thought it would be awful. It didn’t suck and I was actually entertained. I liked the movie version of the Animus 10x more than the tanning bed they put you in in the games… They did everything they could to stay true to the game feel as well so they get big credit for it. I’d say 7/10.

Kong: Skull Island - OMG, thought this would totally suck, watched it on a plane ride to San Francisco to pass the time. Immediately I realized they intentionally wanted you to know they weren’t taking themselves too seriously which made it very fun and entertaining. Liked it a lot more then PJ’s King Kong. Lots of comedic moments, and it had Loki, Samuel L, John C. Reily (Step Brothers), and some other familiar faces in it. 8/10

A Monster Calls - Less disturbing than Pan’s Labyrinth but has some similar ideas. Beautiful movie, you might cry, especially if you can relate. Liam Neeson is Treebeard therefore 9/10

Gifted - Captain America has a genius 7 year old niece and fights with his mom over who should have custody and what her life should be about. Was a solid drama with some feels and it’s always fun to see little kids own adults in convo’s because they know math better than they do. 8/10

Kong Island is definitely a great pop-corn movie. I liked it. :slight_smile:
Have to watch the others you mentioned.