Covid 19.

Of course, less then a month before I am to move I find out the whole house where I been living has been exposed to covid 19. My wifes mother and brother both have it and potentially was given to them by her mothers boyfriend and he cought it at work if so.

Update: Just gets worse and worse, now we won’t be moving cause the person who was moving out of the appartment we were suppose to get is no longer moving out.

Update 2: I have been diagnosed with Covid 19 my self as well.

That suck, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Hopefully the symptoms aren’t bad for you and there are no permanent issues!

Although the symptoms havent been horrible minus that 103.3 degree fever I had. My wife had more of a issue, she had a transient ischemic stroke and was just in the hospital for the past 2 days and was sent home today. They said a part of her brain that was affected the cells died in it… and may not ever return. I will not stop untill I jumpstart them cells back up and get her back to 150% health. Ontop of which they said if she has another one, she maybe paralyzed and unable to even speak for life.